Simplework Co., Ltd. was founded in Bangkok in 2015. The team has decades of real experiences in multi-national companies. Main company focus is to provide training, consulting and coaching on Strategy & innovation in order to build capabilities of people in clients’ organizations.

Our passion is to bring in the proven best global solutions that could be practically applied to local organizations and can be successfully implemented. We believe that a poorly-thought-out strategy affects the performance and a poor execution of well-thought strategies affect the performance.

Most importantly, we value ‘simplicity’. Every delivery of solutions must be simple, practical and ensure business results.

Our team with decades of experiences

Rachada Apiromdej (Leng) 
Founder & Managing Director


Koonchomya Eauvongkul (Aew) 
Associate Partner

Danaya Sinhaphalin
Associate Partner

Narissa Amornvivat 
Associate Director


Sasithorn Paovarojkit 


Kaewkarn Rirermvanich 
Associate Partner


Kulrutai Densutham (Aom)
Associate Partner


 Our International Partners

Ross Lovelock
CEO of SCQuARE International Ltd.

Paul Wilkinson 
COO of SCQuARE International Ltd.


Harry Walsh
Senior Consultant